Working Out as a Couple: Tips for the Busy Two-Some


Sometimes your work life and at-home life make it hard to get quality, healthy time together. Couples often spend their quality time watching television, eating out or just having a few chats. But, often the best way to spend time together is working out. Working out has its own benefits, such as improving your body function, making you feel happier and of course, it gives you that additional sex appeal that every long-term relationship needs to keep going. If you’re ready to get hot and heavy, but not under the sheets, consider these couple workouts for a great, healthy way to spend time with one another.

Get Outside

It may be snowing, but that’s no reason to not get outside and work out. You don’t have to go jogging in the snow, but why not take a day to go to the slopes. Snowboarding and skiing are great full-body workouts, but they’re also a fun, relaxing way to enjoy the day with your significant other. If you don’t have the gear, you can always rent it.

Take the Family

Sometimes a family outing is still fun for you as a couple. Bond with your spouse and your kids by taking everyone sledding. You’ll burn calories from hiking up the hill over and over, and everyone will enjoy the rush they get flying back down.

Exercise Date Night

Rather than get away for a movie and dinner, consider an exercise date night at the gym. The best part of working out together is accountability. You can’t flake on your workout obligation or make excuses – after all, it’s your spouse date night. A workout session may seem tiring, but you will be surprised at how much of a boost you get in your physical activity long after you leave the gym.

Try Your Spouse’s Workout

Most couples have their own workout routines. Rather than go off and do your own thing, consider teaching one another. Share your workout interests. If she likes yoga, try a night of yoga with her. If he prefers to swim laps, hop in the pool and swim a few yourself.

Make it a Healthy Competition

A little competition never hurt anyone. In fact, studies have shown that weight loss competitions between couples make it fun and challenging. Consider your prizes being a healthy dinner for two or a date night out. Competitions will help you challenge one another so that you can meet your goals.

No matter what you do, make a point of getting a physical workout together at least once every other week. You’ll be surprised at the bond you create working out and staying active. But, also, you’ll improve your own health – physically and emotionally – which will benefit your relationship in the long-term.

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