What Not To Expect When You Are Expecting

shutterstock_125604296Having a baby, your first baby, is exciting. You will likely spend the first half of your pregnancy guessing and wondering what and who that little baby will be. Do you need to decorate in pink? Go boyish and blue? Unfortunately the only way to really tell how your nursery will look at the 40 week mark is by ultrasound. Though they are fun, most old wive’s tales for gender prediction have been proven to be nothing more than a 50% chance of accuracy.

How You’re Carrying

It is said that carrying a baby high means it is a girl, while carrying low means it is a boy. How you carry depends on a variety of things, including your physical properties and just the pregnancy in general. Most women will tell you they have carried low and had a girl.


Some women use the heart rate as a predictor for gender, but doctors have already proven this wrong. Since a baby could be wiggling and moving at the time their heart rate is measured, you are going to get results that bounce all over the place anyway. The tale, however, states that a girl will have a heart rate of 140 or under, while a boy rests above 140.


“Sugar and spice and all that’s nice…” is a common nursery phrase for little girls. So it is no wonder that the old wive’s tales state if you’re craving sweets you’re having a girl. If you’re craving salty foods – especially meats and cheeses – you are carrying a boy.

Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is not pleasant no matter how light or intense it is. Some believe that the worse your morning sickness is, the more likely it is that you are having a girl. The morning sickness, however, simply depends on your HCG levels and how well you handle them – but has nothing to do with your baby’s gender.

Sexual Positions

If you were dreaming of having a bouncing baby girl or rowdy baby boy, you might have noticed websites online discussing sexual positions that promote one gender. While these are of course fun to try out, they really do not help your odds of getting baby blue or precious pink. In fact, it is all up to your male partner’s genetics. Of course, there is no harm in giving them a shot – you never know!

Old wive’s tales may be false 50% of the time, but they are still a fun way to help take off those first-time parent jitters. Throughout your pregnancy promote a stronger bond between you and your partner. Have fun with the old wive’s tales and perhaps even set up a couple’s wager for your baby’s gender, weight and height just to add some fun into the mix. Remember that the first baby is certainly nerve wracking, but as long as you and your partner support one another, you will get through it in the end.

Consider sitting down and discussing your baby jitters with one another. Be outspoken about how you want your partner to help you through your pregnancy and especially labor. That way you’re both on the same page for when the day comes that you can welcome your little boy or sweet girl into the world.

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