What Is EFT?

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a type of counseling intervention that draws on theories of alternative medicine in order to address and treat specific issues. During an EFT session, the client focuses on the issue in question while taping on the body’s energy meridians. EFT tapping is especially helpful for calming an upset individual or couple, and for addressing anxiety and depression. EFT can also be used to address physical pain, weight loss, phobias, PTSD, to change your current way of thinking, and more. Many experts agree that EFT has unparalleled healing benefits and is leading the new healing movement. One of the most powerful self-help methods available today, EFT is a phenomenal technique for combating emotional trauma, which research has shown to substantially contribute to physical illness and disease.

EFT helps people to reduce or remove emotional distress, helping the body to rebalance and accelerate the healing process. EFT does this by rapidly reducing the emotional impact of bad memories and triggers that lead to emotional distress. The process utilizes certain aspects of both Cognitive Therapy and Exposure Therapy, in conjunction with Acupressure. EFT uses fingertip tapping on 12 acupuncture points to achieve its purpose. More than 20 clinical trials have proven EFT effective for combating emotional distress, and 10,000,000+ persons worldwide have actually tried EFT.

EFT Tapping Points

Certain points on the body are energy meridians, as also used in Acupuncture procedures. Tapping these spots, while focusing on specific issues can work wonders in helping you to heal, change your thought processes, and overcome the emotional issues that may be holding you back. EFT Tapping is an effective solution for couples dealing with relationship issues, even those involving sex and parenthood. EFT can help you to calm down, refocus your energy, and effectively conquer your relationship problems.

The tapping points are located at:

  • The side of your hand in the fleshy palm area (between the pinky finger and your wrist); also known as the “karate chop” area
  • The top of your head, near the center
  • Your collarbone
  • Underarms
  • The top of your chin, right below your bottom lip
  • Beneath your nose
  • Upper lip
  • Under your eye
  • The side of your eye
  • Eyebrow


EFT in 10 Simple Steps

Using EFT Tapping is not difficult. Moreover, the results of this simple technique are immediate and long lasting.

  1. Karate Chop – Tap on this point with your fingertips and say, “Even though I am upset about _________, I deeply and completely accept myself.” Repeat three times.
  2. Tap your eyebrow where it meets the bridge of your nose and say, “I am having a problem with ___________.”
  3. Tap the side of your eye at the bony outer ridge, and repeat the phrase for eyebrow tapping.
  4. Next, tap the underside of your eye and say, “I am really upset about _________.”
  5. Your upper lip: tap and say, “I am really upset about this awful ________.”
  6. Top of chin: tap and say, “I am really upset about ________, but that can change.”
  7. Collarbone: tap and say, “I am really upset about ________, but that can change.”
  8. Under the arm (not the armpit, but slightly lower, near the upper ribs): tap and say. “I have been upset about __________, but now I am ready and willing to focus on something else.”
  9. Top of the head: “I am willing to focus on something else.”
  10. End your tapping session with a deep and soothing breath.


EFT works, whatever your problem, ability to express your worries, etc. Tapping, along with the issue-specific phrases, helps you to calm down, focus, change your way of thinking, and to approach the matter in a more positive and constructive manner. Give it a try. You will be amazed at how this simple alternative medicine technique can change your life.