What Does Sexuality, Confidence, and Intimacy Really Mean?

Sexuality is one of those words where people have begun playing loosey-goosey with the definition, often confusing others as to the true meaning of the word. Today, when many people hear the word sexuality, their brains automatically float into that gray area where they begin thinking in terms of sexual orientation. Whether one is homosexual, heterosexual, or bisexual might have some influence over their sexuality; however, this word is about far more than mere sexual preference.

Sexuality Defined

If you search the internet for the definition of sexuality, you would find many results. These range from the act of sexual activity to the capacity for sexual feelings to a persons sexual orientation or preferences, and so on. The best definition of sexuality is the one that states it as the human capacity for sexual feelings; however, human sexuality goes far beyond those primal physical urges. While humans are certainly going to feel those physical pangs of attraction and desire, true sexuality is all about the mind.

Neurobiology and Perception

Neurobiology has proven, through scientific research, many ways in which the brain facilitates reactions within other parts of the body. As the bodys think tank, the brain helps to form our awareness and our relationship to our experiences in life. This includes our perceptions, not only of the world around us, but of ourselves as well. Perception of self is an important factor in building confidence, security, and happiness within ones self. This self-perception is also key in ones comfort level with their own sexuality.

Linked to Intimacy

If you are not comfortable with your sexuality, there is no way you will be completely open and comfortable in the bedroom. It is not about being completely uninhibited aE” some limits can be good, depending on the individual and their preferences. However, if you re timid, shy, afraid… simply because you are not comfortable with your sexuality, this means that you may not be fully comfortable with yourself. Lack of confidence can be a striking blow in the sexuality and intimacy department, causing confusion, frustration, misunderstandings, and more.

Becoming comfortable with your sexuality begins with accepting your body as it is and finding things to like about yourself, both inside and out. Change those things you reasonably can aE” for the right reasons aE” and learn to love you, flaws and all. We cannot become caught up in this beauty myth perpetuated by modern day society. Remember the Mona Lisa or the old Coca-Cola ads? These women were not beautiful by todays ridiculous standards. They were naturally beautiful, loved for those flaws that people often view as taboo today.

You also have to gain pride and confidence in who you are as a person. You must be proud of your sexuality orientation, whatever it may be. To increase your confidence in your sexuality, you should be willing to open up about your likes, dislikes, and curiosities. Your partner cannot always read your mind, and this kind of communication can clear the pathway for better, stronger intimacy.

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