What Does Sex and Intimacy Mean to Men?

There are several frustrating and bothersome myths that get tossed around regarding what sex means to men. Most of these come out of necessity for putting something intricate into simple terms. To understand how men really feel about sex, you must understand that sex involves intimacy, the brain plays a crucial role with men, and men’s emotions are linked to sex directly.


Sex and Intimacy

Intimacy is an aspect that revolves around two individuals when they are in a loving relationship.  Because of the changing times, sex no longer means that you are destined to be married and spend the rest of your life with someone. Most men, however, seek out intimacy with someone they are attracted to and someone they like to be around. Some men feel that women who have sex early in a relationship are women they do not want to marry. When it comes to sex and intimacy, men prefer sex with a partner they love and cherish. Furthermore, sex presents men with a time to be held and loved.

Sex is a genuine need for your significant other or husband. It should not be used as a way to manipulate him or punish him. Men value appreciation for contributions they bring to the relationship. Sex and intimacy is energizing and invigorating for him. So remember this the next time you claim to have a headache.


Sex and Brain

Men do not actually think about sex all of the time. Men just believe that they are supposed to want it all the time. When considering sex and brain, men consider sex as validation. Sex validates masculinity, sex validates self-doubt, and sex validates stability in a relationship. Most men think that sex assures attractiveness of self. Also, sex is about power. This sounds scary, but it’s true. Men want to dominate women and sex is a good way for them to do this. Many scientists believe that men are hardwired to inseminate women, a primitive instinct.  Basically, men are programmed to pass on their genes.


Sex and Emotions

Many women feel that men are far too distant with them. Sexual prowess is considered the Holy Grail of masculinity. Men connect emotions to sex differently than women. Most are afraid that if they are too emotional a woman will assume they are not masculine. Overall, men do care for women, they just show it differently. When you consider sex and emotions for men, the less they show, the more brute they feel.


While the physical pleasures of sex are incomparable, men also value the emotional aspects. While men do not openly discuss their emotions, as women do, that doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings. Sex is a way for men to express their love, without having to say it. Allow him to show you he loves you this way. Try to remember that he cares for you and this is his profession of his love. Sex is an avenue for men to communicate their deepest feelings, ones they are afraid to verbalize.






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