Ways to Ruin Sex and Intimacy

Sex is important in a relationship. Whether you’ve been married for three days or dating for seven years, it matters. Sex and intimacy are connections that help partners maintain a working relationship. In a way, allowing your partner to see you vulnerable is a way to see you, the real you. Sometimes sex drives vary from person to person. These variances can hurt a relationship, especially when two people aren’t on the same page. To avoid this, make sure you aren’t making these top mistakes that ruin sex and intimacy in a relationship.

Using Sex as Your Bargaining Chip
Have you ever used sex as a way to punish your partner. By withholding sex as a way to make a point or punish him or her, you’re actually damaging your connection. Some partners will withhold sex and use it as a way to get other things. When you make sex your bargaining chip, you take out the emotional connection and well, the fun. You’ll even find it less enjoyable for yourself — regardless of what you’re getting in return.

Not Open to New Things
When you first start a sex life with your partner, it’s fun and exciting. After awhile, you need something different, but there is a limit. If you ask your partner to try something new and their not ready or willing, respect their boundaries. Stop pushing. If you expect them to push their boundaries into areas they’re uncomfortable, the sex itself will not be as enjoyable.

Being Selfish
The act of sex and intimacy is meant for both of you to enjoy it — not just one person. When one or the other is being selfish, it doesn’t give the other one much in return. It is about enjoying yourself and watching your partner enjoy him or herself too.

Taking Malfunctions to Heart

Life can be stressful. For some couples there comes a time when things don’t work. While it’s embarrassing  it is more common than you might think. Don’t allow it to ruin your sex life. It happens to everyone. If you get held up on it, or your partner does, it will be a large hurdle to overcome. Instead, try something else.

High Standards
Biology is in control of a lot more decisions than you might realize. If you hold your spouse to impossibly high standards, you’re setting them and yourself up for failure. Make sure you always understand the differences between one another, and most importantly appreciate them.

While it’s normal to make mistakes here and there, continually performing this methods can ruin your sex and intimacy between the two of you. Try to avoid these negative behaviors and make sure your partner does the same.

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