Things Husbands Resent about Their Wives and How to Overcome Them

Even the best marriage isn’t 100% perfect. There are times where both parties will feel a little resentment, and while they won’t cause a divorce, it is all about how the couple handles these issues that makes the difference. When people ignore these emotions and just sweet them under the rug, more toxic feelings can fester, which leads to resentment. For men, it is easier to sweet an issue under the rug than attack it, so understand what makes your husband aggravated and how to handle it may actually improve your marriage.


How You Fight

Happy couples have fights too. A happy couple, however, knows how to fight better. Rather than blaming their partner, they discuss their feelings and what they’re aggravated about. When you need to bring up a conversation, don’t start it off on a negative note or with the blame-game; instead, let your partner know how you feel and what you suggest to overcome it.


Treating Your Husband like a Child

You might think your husband is a slob or can’t dress himself, but if you start doing it for him, he will resent you. Treating your husband like a child or talking down to him can create significant resentment issues. After all, no one wants to feel like they aren’t in charge of their own life.


Getting Others Involved

Men rarely enlist the help from others to solve their marital problems. Women, however, will discuss it with friends and family. These individuals will get involved, which only makes matters worse. Rather than allow others in, create a couple’s bubble and keep your marital issues between the two of you.


Appreciating the Right Things

Your husband does things and doesn’t expect appreciation for it, but there are times offering up praise is important. If you only recognize the things he does wrong and you don’t offer praise for the things he does right, he may start to resent you for it. Consider noting when he does things right and giving him the attention he deserves for it.


Punishing by Withholding Sex

How many times have you gotten upset with your partner only to withhold sex? While you might think you’re justified, holding sex back as a way to punish your partner does long-term damage to your relationship. This can create feelings of resentment that your partner will harbor for months – if not years. Next time you’re upset, tell him, but don’t withhold sex.


Changing Him

People can change, but only when they want to change. There may be something you don’t like about your partner, but you shouldn’t work to change that thing. If you focus on all of the things you don’t like about your partner and try to change him constantly, he won’t feel like his own person. Instead, accept your partner for the way he is, let him do his quirky things and work on changing what is really important – let the little things go.


While these things may seem trivial, the more you do them, the more they add up. Try to avoid negative feelings in your relationship by discussing your issues with one another. Keep in mind that happy couples still fight and it’s perfectly healthy. But the way you handle the fights and what you fight about can determine the overall success of your relationship.

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