The Role of Positivity in Your Relationship

Is it difficult to create a place of positivity within your relationship? The answer is a resounding no. You, as well as those in a relationship with you, can create a positive environment – not only for yourself but for the relationship overall.

It helps if you think of life and the relationships that you have like a game of football. When the team has gone out and lost the game, what do they do? Do they sit around in misery? No. They get back up and motivate themselves for the next game. They look at it from a perspective of positivity; that they will win the game. Each member of the team brings to the table a spirit of positivity with their winning attitudes.

Where to Start

You can’t go anywhere unless you start out at the beginning. So in a sense, it begins with you. You need to know that you deserve to be happy. You should expect it. Keeping a positive mindset means telling yourself that you and your partner both deserve to feel safe and secure within the relationship. You both deserve to be treated nicely. Not being on the same page in this area can cause some stress within the relationship because each of you feels differently. Coming together and stating that you both will strive to keep positivity within the relationship is important. It gives each of you something to strive for with each passing day. No, every day won’t be a bed of roses, but it can be close if you both truly want it to be. The thing with positivity is that it is an ongoing mindset. You can’t say, “ok we’re happy today,” and think that’s all it takes. What about tomorrow?

Too often in a relationship each person dwells on the negative aspects of the relationship. When this happens, it builds up the negativity. That’s because you are focusing on the wrong thing. When you focus on the bad; all you get is bad. You need to focus on what is good about the relationship. What are the positives that each of you has that enhances the relationship? By focusing on those positive aspects, you shift the direction of the relationship. People like to know that someone sees the good within them. Granted, ignoring the bad can be a challenge, but you have to start somewhere. Do this, and you’ll soon begin to notice that you are different toward one another, better.

It’s Not Easy

Changing the relationship and pointing it in a positive direction is a huge commitment, and it will be challenging at times. However, when you both work together, when you both are aiming for the same goal, it gets easier. Happiness doesn’t have to be a chore. It’s supposed to be something that happens easily.

Living a life with the one you love should be positive enough, but when you find your relationship struggling, really remember the positives. You fell in love with each other for a reason. Take time to remember all of those things that you love about your partner. Focus on the positive sides, and life will be a blessing for you both. Why? Because that’s the power of positivity!

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