Survival Tips for New Parents: Nurturing Your Relationship after the Birth of a New Baby

Most expectant parents spend the entire pregnancy anticipating the impending birth of their new baby and imagining the idyllic life that awaits them. Of course, in the back of their minds, expectant parents know that life with baby will be anything but perfect. However, the excitement of and preparation for childbirth often leaves couples ill prepared to face the realities of parenting and the effects these realities can have on their relationship.


The birth of a baby is a blessed event and parenthood can result in a lifetime of blessings and bliss. However, new babies require much effort and attention, and many lifestyle changes come with the territory.  Most new parents, especially mothers, focus all of their attention on their newborn. While it is definitely necessary to make your new baby your number one priority, couples must find a balance between parenthood and couple-hood to avoid any damage to their relationship.


Relationship Breakdown after Baby


No one can truly claim that it is intentional. While there is the occasional exception the rule, most couples envision a happy life, raising their children and growing old together. Few ever think that starting a family can have a negative impact on their relationship. However, the realities of parenthood can lead to exhaustion, lack of communication, and arguments that further lead to a breakdown in the relationship. Mothers often become obsessive, especially with their first baby. Unfortunately, their undivided attention toward their newborn often means a lack of focus on their partner. And while most fathers certainly want and love their new baby, they can experience some jealousy toward the child because they suddenly feel like a third-wheel. While the birth of a new baby leads to many lifestyle changes, bringing with it lack of sleep, fewer freedoms, and more responsibility, parents must work as a team to care for their new infant AND to maintain a healthy relationship. Parenthood does not have to lead to the demise of your relationship.


Survival Tips for Relationships after Baby is Born


Parenthood brings with it sleepless nights, a tighter budget, less time for yourself and less freedom, and a myriad of new responsibilities. Watching your child grow is well worth the sacrifices, and things do get easier as the child leaves infancy behind. However, the first few months with a new baby can be very trying as you attempt to find the routine and balance that works for you, your partner, and your little one. Couples who focus on nothing but the negative aspects of the many changes brought on b new parenthood, as well as failing to focus on one another are those most at risk for relationship breakdown. The idea that having a baby could destroy a relationship is very depressing. Maintaining a healthy post-birth relationship with your partner is not rocket science; it is a matter of conscientious effort to remember that you have more than one person in your life deserving of your attention and devotion.


  • Couples must make time for one another and must work as a team if their relationship is to remain strong and successful. Here are a few after baby tips to help new parents to retain focus on each other while also focusing on their new baby:


  • Stress comes with the territory. Talk about it. Share responsibilities. Become a formidable team. But DO NOT take your stresses out on one another by starting petty fights, failing to communicate, or participating in any other destructive action that could ruin your relationship.


  • Plan things out. Meals, errands, shopping trips, even date nights… planning ahead simplifies things and allows you and your partner to alleviate some undue stress.


  • Do some homework before your baby is born. If you are a new parent, taking classes and getting some practice with the babies of family and friends can be invaluable experiences.


  • Line up some support.  You need family and friends you can trust to talk to, share experiences with, get valuable advice from, and who can also help-p you with your baby and household tasks. This can eliminate some stress, as well as allowing the new parents an opportunity to get out of the house for some much needed alone time.


  • Make sure your expectations are clear before the baby arrives. Do not just assume your partner automatically knows what needs to be done or what you will want them to do. While the parental instinct is often present in all of us, new parents have to learn much through trial and error. Talking about your expectations opens communication and helps to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.


Of course, this is only the tip of the iceberg. There are many things a couple can do to enhance their relationshi0p and to make the most of their time together while remaining good parents to their precious bundle of joy. The most important thing to remember that love does not die because you have a baby. Love ides because you fail to focus on each other. Balance is the key to everything in life, including parenthood.


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