Relationship Advice 101: Tips for a Low-Stress Marriage after Kids

One of the number one requested items from relationship advice experts is how to keep the spark in a marriage going and keep it exciting after kids. Though children change a couple’s life significantly, they are not a death sentence to a marriage. If couples take advantage of a few of these key tips they can get back to the intimacy and fun they had together before the kids were born.


Sexuality after Baby

A lot of women look at their bodies different post baby. Though your body has changed, and sometimes for good, there is nothing wrong with your new shape – and most likely your partner agrees. Sexuality is often all about inner confidence, so embrace your new body and let your partner embrace it too – you might be surprised what happens in the bedroom next.


A lot of couples seem to ignore intimacy after having a baby. Though the baby has certainly taken away some of that precious alone time, that doesn’t mean that intimacy should go entirely out the window. Sometimes just being intimate with your partner or even showing your partner a loving gesture is all you need to keep the fire alive. Consider making physical contact with your partner on a daily basis, including holding hands and enjoying a cuddle before bedtime.


Work as a Team

A happy post-baby marriage is not just about sexuality and intimacy – it is about working together as a team. If you and your partner work together and come to conclusions together, you will be more successful than a couple who battles over who is right or wrong. Look at the problem together, brainstorm and create a plan that involves both of you working through the problem rather than one person picking up the pieces.


Your Relationship Comes First

It might sound silly to say that your relationship is more important than the relationship without children, but without your core relationship, what is there to provide to your children? Children who are raised in a home with two parents that are affectionate and love one another are more rounded individuals than children who grow up in a separated home. Therefore, work on the relationship between you and your partner first and make sure that protecting that bond is at the top of your to-do list.


Be Gracious

The biggest piece of relationship advice given by experts is that of gratitude. Most individuals forget to say positive things to their partners or even simply thank them for doing something nice. Make sure that you and your partner do not forget the thank-you’s and the positive praises during your relationship. Expressing appreciation and gratitude are often the cornerstones for a successful, long-term marriage.


Have Fun

As new parents you are paying bills, working, taking care of a baby and keeping your home together, but what do you do together as a couple aside from that? Make sure that you and your spouse are still spending quality time together and having a little “fun” outside of the home – even if that means hiring a sitter for a night out.

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