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Expert Website Offers Practical Relationship Advice and Resources for Couples and New Parents

At, sex therapist and relationship expert Toni Parker, Ph.D. helps couples to navigate new parenthood, relationship issues, and sexual concerns with forward-thinking, effective, expert tips and advice, helping you to keep that passion burning and “get your sexy back.”

DATE – LOCATION – With more than 25 years experience helping couples to find a balance between sex and parenthood, restore their relationships, and effectively cope with emotional, sexual, and communication issues, Toni Parker, Ph.D., is a certified sex therapist and relationship expert with the knowledge and skills to support the practical advice and resources available at Toni teaches couples how to understand sexual issues after childbirth, at midlife, and in between and beyond, and helps them to overcome common issues that often threaten relationships. Her website is available 24/7, with new content available each week. Couples struggling with sex and parenthood, or any other  relationship issue, will benefit not only by regularly reading the articles at, but also by signing up to receive e-mail newsletters, downloading e-books, and taking advantage of the bevy of relationship resources and publications available through this website.

Not only is Dr. Toni Parker a qualified expert in the field of sexology and relationships, and was trained by John Gottman, one of the top 10 most influential therapists and who for the last 30 years has provided us with research to help us understand what makes relationships work. She has personal relations to her work, since she too has struggled with sex and parenthood, facing the same problems that many couples face – battling the emotional and biological upheavals brought on by childbirth, causing difficulties in her own relationship. Taking action to get her own life and relationship on track, Toni decided to use her experience to build a career focused on helping others just like herself. is a revolutionary website. The difference between this site and similar sites is that it is written for the couple that is working in today’s fast-paced world, navigating a career with children involved, overwhelmed with a myriad of to-do’s—instead of being bogged down in technical, scientific, and medical jargon. Toni focuses on helping couples to understand brain science and shares concrete strategies to help you understand how your brain influences emotions, sexual desire, and relationships. Dr. Toni Parker is very excited to encourage couples to visit and take cues from her website to build, rebuild and maintain strong relationships and life skills that will help them avoid a mental health practitioner.

Whether you are a newlywed, a new parent, going through menopause, or facing any type of relationship concern, is a good place to start in attempting to understand and resolve your sex and relationship problems. Rather than ignore your relationship issues, throw in the towel, or allow yourself to wallow in the mire of self-loathing due to sexual concerns and relationship problems, consult and let Toni Parker, Ph.D. help you to “get your sexy back.” Using powerful strategies, techniques, reading materials, Toni can help you navigate the muddy waters in these areas.