PPD: The “Baby Blues”

Having a baby is a  joyous occasion, but everyone experiences it a bit differently especially during those first weeks. Some women tend to feel overwhelmed, stressed and begin to feel guilty about not feeling maternal enough to their child. These emotions that you are feeling is normal, the majority of women experience the ‘baby blues’ after giving birth- one major contributor to them are hormones. There is a huge difference between postpartum depression and the baby blues, the baby blues disappear after a few weeks after the birth, postpartum depression lingers after that and needs to be monitored before it gets any worse. In her post, Ingrid Pincott talks about postpartum depression and the best treatment options for it.

The majority of women with newborns often experience what is commonly referred to as the “baby blues” which dissipate a few weeks after the baby is born.Symptoms include: moodiness, sadness, difficulty sleeping, irritability, appetite changes and concentration problems.The fix for this mild form is normally lots of rest and more support from the partner and family.  I encourage securing a good support system either from your partner or close family members, if necessary seeing a counselor can be beneficial as well. Sleep: come up with a strategy where she could get better quality and uninterrupted sleep. Risk factors for developing postpartum depression are: having a prior history, stressful events during pregnancy or birth, and women with marital difficulties or general lack of social support.

Ingrid brought up good points with dealing with postpartum depression and how to know if you’re experiencing it or not. It can be a stressful time and it is important to have a support system if it gets to be to much, sometimes a break is necessary. Taking a night out either with your partner or yourself can be relaxing, being able to schedule ‘us’ or ‘me’ time will help alleviate the stress. Being able to talk to someone about what you’re feeling and going through in itself can be cathartic as well. Did you go through the ‘baby blues?’ How did you get over it? Let us know how your experience went in the comments field.

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