Happy Holidays!

We’d like to wish all of our readers a safe and happy holiday season. Wherever you are in the world this season and whatever holidays you are celebrating, we hope your days are fun, festive, and full of joy. If winter weather is included in your celebrations, gather round the fire with the ones you love, and enjoy the rich scents of the season with some yummy cocoa, egg nog, or cider while conversing and reminiscing. If your holidays are warm and sunny, make the most of it with some togetherness in the great outdoors.

This is the time of year when we are reminded how important family and friends are to all of us. We often lose sight of this through the year when our individual lives become hectic with day-to-day routines. The holidays give us the opportunity to break free from the hustle and bustle, focusing on togetherness and love. Shower your friends and family with love this season and remember those who are unable to be with their families and friends this year. Remember those separated by distance and financial struggles that prevent travel or celebration; remember the hungry and homeless, deployed U.S. troops, and those who have lost loved ones.

This is an especially solemn holiday season, as our thoughts and prayers go out to the community of Newtown, Connecticut. The unfathomable tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School last week has left families and friends saddened by the loss of many beautiful children and adults. This tragic event reminds our heartbroken nation just how precious life is. We want the people of Newtown to know that we are thinking of them and wishing them hope, healing, and whatever justice can possibly come from this senseless act.

May your holidays be merry and bright, and may the New Year bring with it blessings, happiness, peace, and respect the world over.

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