Making Time for Intimacy After Marriage

Intimacy should be an essential part of every marriage. Although most people associate intimacy with sex, it is much more than just the physical act of pleasuring each other. Intimacy after marriage is that special closeness that is necessary to create a powerful and lasting bond between two people.

It is too easy to neglect intimacy after you are married.

Professional and personal schedules can become quite hectic, and many married people feel that there is no longer any need to woo their partner. It is also almost impossible to find time for intimate moments together if the couple has children.

An intimate connection was necessary to initiate the marital union, and it will need continuous nurturing throughout the marriage to hold it together. If you can’t find the time in your schedule to rekindle those intimate feelings, then you will need to MAKE time for it.

Intimacy is crucial to the health and happiness of your marriage.

Here are six simple ways to make time for intimacy after marriage:

1.     Soft Caresses – Intimate caresses are great for fulfilling the desire to be touched and they take almost no time at all. You can rub your partner’s arm or leg, tickle their neck, or caress their cheek any time they are sitting down next to you. A five-second caress can go a long way to improving intimacy.

2.     Cuddle Each Other – Cuddling should be a part of every marriage and it doesn’t have to only follow sex. Simply lying next to each other in bed or on the couch can enhance the intimacy. Many people just want that comforting feeling of their bodies being pressed up against each other or having their lover’s arms around them.

3.     Holding Hands – You can signify your special union and unconditional love for each other by holding hands. This simple and innocent gesture is a great way to show you care for each other and that your relationship has a strong foundation.

4.     Couple Massages – Life as an adult can be very stressful, especially if you are married with children. You can make time for intimacy and relieve stress at the same time by giving each other gentle massages.

5.     Passionate Kisses – The frequency of kisses, especially passionate kisses, usually decreases drastically after you get married. Kissing is a wonderful way to physically demonstrate your feelings for each other and it takes almost no time at all.

6.     Be Supportive – Intimacy takes more than just physical interactions. There also needs to be a mental and emotional connection. You can strengthen the intimacy level with your spouse just by being supportive and listening to your partner.

Soft caresses, cuddling, hand-holding, massages, kissing, and listening are all effective ways to share intimacy with your partner, and none of them should have a huge impact of your daily schedule. Try to offer some form of intimate contact at least once a week or even daily if possible. Keep in mind that it doesn’t need to lead to sex in order to enhance the intimacy between you and your partner. If it does result in some great sex, just consider it an added bonus.

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