Low Sexual Desire – Tips for Combating a Limited Libido

While it’s normal to not be interested in sex with your partner every now and then, frequent disinterest could point to a libido issue. Some libido issues are hormonal and require a physician’s treatment and possible hormone therapies. Other times, your low sexual desire is the result of a psychological cause. Good news is there are ways to boost your low sex drive and get back on track with your partner’s desires.


You Can Do It

Too many people assume that if they have a low sexual desire, they just can’t have sex spontaneously. By reprogramming yourself to think that you can do it when you want to – any time you want to – you can avoid being a victim to your own body. Since your own thoughts have a huge impact on how your body behaves, changing the way you think can alter your libido.

Do It Because You Love It

A lot of people look at sex as a chore. After time, libidos drop because they’re bodies are no longer interested in it. Tell yourself you enjoy it and that it’s fun – not work. The more exciting it is, the more apt you are to keep going and overcome any low libido issues.


Acknowledge the Issue and Give Yourself a Choice

Ask yourself why you have allow sexual desire. Is it because you’re stressed at work? Have you and your partner been fighting a lot? Get to the root of the issue so that you can work on it. By knowing there are things you can change, you can reverse your low libido and work on getting back on track with your partner.


Forgive and Forget

A large cause of low sex drive is forgiveness. When couples fight, one may hold a grudge or hold on to the reasons for that fight long pass the makeup. If you do this, it can impact your libido more than you might realize. You may notice you’re less interested in having relations simply because you’re harboring negative feelings toward your partner. Start practicing the forgive and forget it technique. If you fight and makeup, forget about the fight the next day and move on.


Understand It’s Not Desire

While you may have a low sexual desire, it isn’t desire that drives you to want to have sex. The first stage of sexual intimacy between partners is arousal – not desire. By learning to please your partner and your partner learning how to please you, you can increase each other’s natural sexual desires for one another.


A low sex drive could be the result of a medical issue or prescription side effect. If you notice a drastic change in your libido after starting a new medication, consult your physician. If you’re concerned about your low sex drive, you may need to consult a physician for additional assistance. Just remember, some low sexual desire periods are temporary and your body can overcome them. Even if you suffer from a long-term struggle, changing the way you think and how you feel about sex can help get you back on track.

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