Low Sex Drive: Tips to Increase Libido in Women

female_sexual_dysfunctionAfter having a baby, many women suffer from a low sex drive. While naturally having a baby changes the dynamics of the relationship, if a woman was very sexually active before the baby and now she isn’t, this can add stress to the relationship.

Is it Natural for My Sex Drive to Decrease?

It’s natural for a woman’s sex drive to decrease some after having a baby. Your body just went through nine months of change and now with a newborn and increased responsibilities, it can take a toll on your body. Doctors generally say that a woman can resume sexual activity after about six weeks of having their baby. This, however, does not mean that her sex drive will be back in sync by that time. In fact, it is going to vary based on the woman and her body as to exactly when her sex drive will be back. Doctors have stated that it can take a few months, or even as long as a year to get the libido back in full swing.

How Can I Increase My Libido?

To assist with increasing the libido and adding passion back into the relationship, slowly ease back into intimacy. There’s nothing worse than feeling pressured into having sex. So ease back into things by just reviving the closeness the two of you once shared. This can be as simple as cuddling up on the couch together or having a passionate kiss followed by a nice hug. Even something as simple as holding hands can reconnect you. Another option is to simply give each other a no-pressure massage, meaning the massage doesn’t have to lead to sex. The feeling of your hands on each other in a totally relaxing way not only feels good but brings you closer together. Sometimes these massages can stir up the libido resulting in passionate and amazing sex.

Another way to help your libido is to get plenty of sleep. When a woman’s body is exhausted, it is going to naturally affect life in the bedroom. This can seem difficult in the beginning, especially for first-time parents. Try to get between 6 to 8 hours of sleep when you can. When the baby takes a nap during the day; take a nap with them. This will allow you to feel more revived at night, when you may want to work some of your mojo on your significant other.

Get ready for sex. What does that mean? It means prepare yourself physically and mentally for sex. Many women suffer from low self-esteem after having a baby, which can affect their sex life. So take a nice hot bath to relax your body. If you’re someone who likes wine, then have a nice glass of wine. Wear something that makes you feel sexy. It doesn’t have to be a revealing piece of lingerie. Men have said some of the sexiest moments have been seeing the woman in their life in a T-shirt with her hair lightly tossed. When you feel sexy, it shows no matter what you’re wearing. So find what makes you feel the sexiest and go for it.

And last but not least, make time for sex. You need to plan time for the two of you. If you know your child goes to sleep around 9 p.m. every night and is asleep until 3 a.m. then schedule some alone time for the two of you. While scheduling time for sex may not seem exciting, the truth is that when you know it’s coming, you begin to look forward to it. Your body anticipates it and that makes it even more exciting for you, thus increasing your libido.

Having a baby doesn’t mean that your sex life is over. Yes, the dynamics of your sex life will change but it’s not over. Granted you can’t have sex all day and all night like you use to, but the intimacy, the passion and sheer desire don’t have to go just because you have a child. Using your imagination and finding ways to keep the spark in your relationships helps, and eventually you will see an increase in your libido.


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