Jump Starting Your Sex Life After Childbirth

Out of all the things to look forward to when it comes to married life, having children is high up on the list. However, parenthood does have a lot of downsides and sleepless nights, more expenses and a dwindling sex life. Almost all couples find it difficult to jump start their sex life after having a baby and while some slowly become more active in bed, it is never quite the same as before. Although most couples come up with excuses like too little time or lack of sleep, the root of the problem is psychological.


Sex Is a Way To Connect


Most doctors recommend that women shouldn’t have intercourse until eight weeks after they give birth. However, it doesn’t mean that new mothers don’t feel the urge aE” most women become interested in sex as early as a month after giving birth. Since taking care of the baby consumes most of their time, they don’t have time to take care of themselves. With limited time for personal hygiene, a few hours of sleep, fluctuating hormones and larger body weight, it’s easy to see why most women don’t feel particularly attractive when they become mothers. They see sex as a way to connect emotionally and physically to their spouse, to feel desirable and in a sense, reminisce pre-parenthood days. 

Who Feels More Awkward (Is it Really Guys?)

This may shock a few people, but in reality it is the men who feel more awkward about sex after childbirth. After a baby is born, men see their wives more as a mother rather than a lover. They also feel that their wives’ bodies are fragile and they worry about hurting them during their lovemaking. These concerns actually make it harder for men to get into the mood, especially if you add the baby to the mix. Anybody would lose interest in sex after being interrupted for the nth time by a crying baby.


However, the struggle becomes easier as time goes by. As the baby settles into a regular sleeping pattern, couples can have more time for each other. Touch is a powerful thing, and you don’t actually need to have sexual intercourse to be intimate with each other. A shower together, a nice massage, simple foreplay and even oral sex can become stepping stones as you slowly become reacquainted with each others’ bodies and rekindle that passion that you once shared.

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