How Postpartum Back Pain May Affect Intimacy

Chronic lower back pain is common for women after giving birth. Not only does the human body go through an exceptionally trying time in labor itself, but after birth a mother takes on the added weight and back stress of carrying around a newborn baby. As time goes on, this chronic back pain can affect a couple s intimacy and overall relationship.


Effects on Sexual Aspects

Intimacy and a sexual relationship go through three separate aspects including sexual function, sexual relationships and sexual self concepts. When you suffer from chronic postpartum back pain, one or multiple areas can be affected.

Sexual Function

The sexual function portion of intimacy refers to how people express themselves in a sexual manner, how you and your partner make love. If you have chronic postpartum back pain, you ll notice that you have limited mobility and functionality during intercourse.


Sexual Response

When you re intimate with your partner, your body goes through several responses that include desire, excitement and orgasm. When you have chronic back pain, you may notice that the excitement phase, the phase that leads to orgasm, is greatly disrupted. You may be excited or ready to be intimate, but once it begins your back pain will affect your body s physical excitement and overall, making sex less enjoyable.


Sexual Relationships

If chronic back pain makes sex less enjoyable for you, your overall sexual relationship with your partner will likely begin to suffer. Your partner may recognize your anxiety or even physical pain during lovemaking and be reluctant to keep trying. Before long, the entire relationship can begin to suffer.


Counteracting Chronic Back Pain

Unfortunately, chronic back pain may be a permanent fixture in your life. However, it doesn t have to put a permanent damper on how you and you partner are intimate with each another. Consider a few of these tips for overcoming chronic postpartum back pain:


  • Discuss your pain with your partner and how it impacts your intimacy. You can t both work on a problem if you don t both know there s a problem.
  • Try out new positions that take the strain off your back but still allow you to be intimate with each another.
  • Use extra lubricant to help with any dryness; it may be harder for you to get aroused naturally when you re in pain.
  • Try planning your intimate moments for times during the day where your back feels at its best.
  • Try doing things that make you feel sexier, such as dressing up, buying toys or just having a romantic night out together.
  • Spend time heating the moment up by kissing, touching and even cuddling. The more intimate you are with your partner on a daily basis, with or without sex, the better position you re both in to overcome your chronic postpartum back pain challenges.


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