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Pregnancy and new parenthood are filled with excitement and illusions of family life. Planning and dreaming often leave out the opportunity to face reality until after your new baby arrives. Everyone knows parenthood brings with it significant changes – changes that are not often at the forefront of the new parents’ thoughts. Between a tighter budget, a tighter schedule, less sleep, and more responsibility, your relationship can often fall through the cracks due to exhaustion, stress, and less time for one another. On top of that, hormonal changes are thrown into the mix, bringing more emotions into the picture. And when sex and intimacy fall to the wayside, the relationship can suffer even more.

Unfortunately, with all the talk about the changes brought on by the birth of a new baby, sex and parenthood is one topic that is not discussed as often as it should be. There are reasons why your sex life might suffer after childbirth, and it is not only important to understand these reasons, but also to understand how to find a balance and to keep that spark alive.

Professional Sexologist, Toni Parker, Ph.D., has written an informative guide to help couples learn to focus on one another, find balance between their relationship and parenthood, and to keep their sex life alive and satisfying. Sex truly is an important aspect of feeling a close and intimate bond with your partner. Moreover, while focusing on your new baby is of the utmost importance as a new parent, there is no logical reason why parents must sacrifice their own quality of life or any aspect of their relationship with one another simply because they have become parents.

Toni Parker walks couples through many of the reasons why their sex life can suffer at new parenthood and addresses specific concerns, offering methods to get couples communicating and back in the mood. Sign up now and download Get Your Sexy Back (in PDF form; you will need Adobe Reader to access this e-book) completely free of charge. You will receive an e-mail to confirm your subscription and a follow-up e-mail containing the link to your free e-book. Click the link, open the report, and save a copy. In addition to this valuable resource, you will also receive access to another of Toni Parker’s awesome free reports, 69 Ways to Increase Intimacy.