Tele-Seminars & Webinar

Learn about Love … in Your Bedroom Slippers!

S&P’s resident expert, Toni Parker, recognized that what she learned about merging the roles of partner and parent in her own relationship, along with the many issues she resolved for her clients, were also prevalent worldwide.

Given one of the recurring complaints is “time and energy”, our panel of experts decided to offer the convenience of learning from home through “tele-seminars” and “webinars” so that we could help as many couple as possible work though this new phase of their lives together and come out the other side, stronger and happier.

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You, Me & Baby Makes 3

Whether you are …

  • Thinking about having a baby
  • Have just had a baby, or
  • Just had another baby

Learn to weather the storms of parenthood and the changes in your relationship so you can enjoy all that parenting was meant to be!

Don’t Be A Statistic

Studies prove that couples who prepare for the realities of life after bringing baby home are much more satisfied, both as parents and partners, than couples who do not prepare. Sadly, during the baby’s first three years of life, over 65% of couples report feeling less satisfied.

So now is the time to learn as much as you can about making healthy adjustments, both individually and as a couple to make love last.

You likely considered or took childbirth classes together, so why not learn how to best keep your physical and emotional intimacy alive after you become parents… when it’s even more important to strengthen your relationship so you can create an unshakable foundation for your baby’s future.

What Participants Are Saying…

“After having a baby we had no time for one another, we were tired all the time. My husband was always working, I felt like I didn’t get enough attention as a wife and we needed more time as a family. Toni gave us strategies to spend time together as a couple and as a family.”

“We went from therapist to therapist trying to deal with our marital problems. Not one therapist asked us about our sexual relationship. Toni was the first that asked us direct questions about our sex life and gave us tools to renew the romance and sexuality in our relationship.”

“With Toni’s guidance we learned how to understand where our children were at emotionally and developmentally and this helped us be more aware of our child’s needs as well as our own.”

“We weren’t really aware of some of the problems that we were dealing with – we were living like roommates – ready for divorce. Toni helped us figure out what we needed to do to fall in love again. We kept our family together thanks to Toni’s help.”