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Relationships naturally encounter changes once parenthood begins. Increased responsibility, decreased personal time, a tighter budget, and biology all play a role in those changes. Parenthood should be a blessing that does not destroy your relationship; it should cause the bonds of love to grow stronger. However, certain aspects of parenthood, life’s stresses, and physical and emotional needs can influence sex and relationships. The good news is you are not alone. Millions of couples encounter these same problems, and many of those couples conquer them successfully. There are myriad strategies to help you to learn to cope, adjust to change, and keep those home fires burning. With the help of a sexpert, you can learn all about these strategies to save your relationship and get your sex life back on track.

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How do I get the romance and fire back?

Or maybe you have a more research related question such as what is “normal” after the birth of a child and how it affects libido and intimacy?

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If you have a question about sex and parenthood, relationships, and more, no matter how big, small, or seemingly trivial, feel free to ask it here.’s site owner and relationship expert, Toni Parker, Ph.D., has dedicated her life to helping individuals and couples just like you by offering expert answers, tips, and advice.

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